Can you guarantee that my information will never be accessed by a third party?

If you use our search engine in its default mode then we do not track any data on you or your online behaviour. However, we can not guarantee that your browser, internet provider or other websites will not be tracking you when you browse the web.

We can only control the data collected when you search with us. As we do not store your searches, we can guarantee that no third party will get that data from us. We are looking to add a VPN option into our extension in the coming months, which will help you to remain anonymous wherever you are on the web!

I bought something from a site that was marked with the ‘charity’ symbol and no money was raised?

We make it easy for you to identify all of the websites that donate to charity in our search results with the ‘charity’ symbol. All the retail partners pay a percentage of the amount spent when you shop with them, however, some impose their own rules on the amounts and items for which they pay.

To provide an example, some retailers do not pay out for certain types of purchases, such as, they pay out when you buy electronic items, but not when you buy food products from them. A few retailers only pay out for purchases from new customers, so if you have previously used their site and log back into your account, you may not be eligible for a donation.

These scenarios are not typical of our donation system, and if you are concerned that your purchases are not raising the correct amount for your chosen cause then please get in touch!

“There are private windows on other browsers like Firefox? What is the difference with what you do?”

Incognito or private window modes only delete your search and browsing history from your computer?. Websites, search engines and internet service providers can still easily track your movements across the web. We never track, monitor, store or sell your data to anyone, so your privacy is totally respected when you are using WebGiv.

What is different about you from other search engines that offer charitable fundraising?

Unlike many of our competitors in this area, we offer charitable fundraising as an additional feature, rather than as our sole selling point. We are a search engine first and foremost and we are aiming to challenge the major players in our sector, this means our focus isn’t purely on fundraising but on the user experience when searching through our site.

We offer a number of useful features and we guarantee user privacy by never tracking, monitoring, or selling user data to any third parties, unlike other search engines. Our service is also completely ad-free, and, in addition to all of that, we are partnered with way more retailers than most other fundraising search platforms!

Finally, we do not charge for our service. You do not pay and the charity does not pay!

Tabs on mobile - where is that information stored?

The tabs on our mobile app are stored locally on your phone rather than on a database linked to your account, so you can rest assured that your historical browsing is not stored by WebGiv, and will not be sold on to any third parties. That data is only stored on your phone to ensure that you can return to searching from where you left off. Once you log out of the app, your browsing history will also be deleted from your phone so there will be no data left on your historical search.

So, just how private is WebGiv?

Firstly, we don’t track your IP address when you visit our site. An IP address is a number assigned to each device which is often used to track your activity across the web (and your location!). Because we don’t track this information, you are anonymous to us when you search with us.

In addition to this, we mask your search queries from the sites that you visit (most search engines pass this data on). This means that when you click on our results, we don’t share your search query with anyone. Whilst the website you visit may know that you came from, they won’t be able to identify you, and they wont know what you searched for.

Many companies link your IP address and your search query data together, and build up a detailed profile of your interests and spending habits in order to target you with advertising. Some companies have been accused of offering different prices to consumers based on the profile they have built up on them over time - with WebGiv, this becomes a thing of the past.

How does our charity join?

If you’re a charity looking to raise money and awareness for your cause join the WebGiv Charity Network! It's very simple, just contact us directly and we will get you set up!

How do you make money?

We make our money through anonymised affiliate links. Retailers pay us for leading people to their products,as they do with other search engines. The big difference is that we share that money with charities and good causes. We are partnered with more than 25,000 retailers, and users can identify those that are taking part through a 'charity' icon in our search results. All of the purchases made through WebGiv are anonymised and can't be traced to an individual.

Why should I go to the trouble of using anyone other than Google?

At our core, we offer a similar search experience to most search engines: it’s the values we abide by that differentiate us. We are building a community of likeminded people, those who value their privacy, are motivated to raise money for good causes, and for those who want to contribute to - and benefit from - the knowledge and passion of others.

Can I change charities?

Although we always want you to stand by your charity sometimes circumstances arise that may cause you to change your selected cause within WebGiv.

You can change you charity simply by clicking on the charity icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and the charity information box will appear. If you are a registered user, STEP 1 log out by clicking the menu icon within this box and then STEP 2 select "Start again (to select new charity)". If you are a guest user please just go straight to STEP 2.

What is ‘Collections’ about?

Collections is our new search technology that allows you to compile interesting content into a visual, tiled format - similar to how Pinterest and Tumblr work.

You can add images, videos, gifs, links and quotes from our search results or directly from sites (using our extension) into your collections and share them with others. You can choose to make them public or private, and if you find collections by other users that inspire you, then you can follow them!

Some of the best content on the web is buried by marketing spend and algorithmic ranking, and our aim is to tackle this issue by integrating your human-curated content into our search results. By doing this we believe we can create a better, more human way to search. Collections is designed to make search more social for you as an individual and more relevant for our users as a collective.