You Shop. TFFF Receives. Simple.

Donating to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has never been easier and doesn't cost you anything.

The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has a custom anonymous WebGiv search engine. Just visit or click the green button to the left and shop away as you normally do. Look for the TFFF logo beside the more than 25,000 participating retailers and when you purchase from them WebGiv will donate on your behalf to TFFF.

Please remember, we don’t track your IP address when you visit our site. Because we don’t track this information, you are anonymous to us when you search with WebGiv.

TFFF Search Engine

How do I use the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Extension?

With only 3 simple steps WebGiv will start donating on your behalf to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation (TFFF).

WebGiv has partnered with more than 25,000 retailers and every time you shop online with one of those companies a percentage of your purchase will be given to TFFF. NO PERSONAL DATA IS COLLECTED AND YOUR DONATION DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING....NO ADDITIONAL FEES, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!

Just look for the TFFF logo beside your search results or confirm you want to give when you see the TFFF pop-up box.

CLICK 1: Click the link below and you will be taken to the Google Web Store where the WebGiv extension will be available. Click "ADD TO CHROME"

CLICK 2: Type in the Charity Code " TFFF "

CLICK 3: Create an account to see you personal contributions to TFFF or continue as a guest.

Congratulations - you are now donating to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

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About Us

We're giving vulnerable kids a friendlier future in a challenging world by empowering youth in-need through enhanced access to connectivity, technology and educational programs. Welcome to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.

Impacting some 2 million young people every year, the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to funding local, grassroots programs in communities across Canada. We support charitable organizations with critical projects that make sure no one, especially Canadian youth, gets left behind.