Build a better world by shopping online

Our goal is to give you the power to raise money for charity just by shopping online, without it costing you a single penny. We've done just that, introducing WebGivTM.


What is WebGiv?

WebGiv is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to raise money for charity by shopping online, it’s that simple!

Once you install the 3-click app, look for the charity icon next to your search results, make a purchase and a donation will be made on your behalf (at no additonal cost).
Your online shopping has the power to change the world.

Clickcube - the 3 click installation

We believe in keeping things simple and straightforward – our extension requires only three clicks to install and start donating.

Download now with absolutely no personal data required.

Over 25k retail partners!

We are partnered with over 25,000 online retailers who ensure a percentage of what you spend goes to your chosen cause. We are also signing up new companies everyday.

Shop online as usual and raise money for the best causes

We’re partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world, when you see your charity’s logo next to a retailer in our search results you can be sure that a percentage of the money you spend will be donated to a great cause.

We believe privacy is a right

We never track, share or store your online activity because we believe privacy is a fundamental right. By default we keep our users completely anonymous and give you the power to decide which information you want to share!

See how much you have donated at any time

Our extension shows you how much the charity has raised in total using WebGiv and also allows you to see how much you’ve raised for them through your personal donation dashboard.

Charities get involved!

We couldn’t possibly pick one charity to support, so we decided to let you choose. Either follow the link provided to you by your WebGiv charity partner or visit our WebGiv Charity Network

If you’re a charity looking to raise money and awareness for your cause, please get in touch. We’re here to help.
Feel free to contact us at

“ it! Raising for charity at no cost to me. Cool stuff!”

Mihails Sokolovs

WebGiv Search:
A private, ad free, ethical search engine

WebGiv Search is an anonymous search engine that protects your privacy, can be branded to your corporation and makes a difference by raising money for good causes and never shows adverts in your search results.

More than just search, introducing Collections

What are collections? They are a place for you to store, share and discover the most interesting and relevant content online. Be inspired and share your passions with the world.

The Creative

Collections are the perfect place to discover and collect the things that inspire you. Our simple design ensure your tiles are displayed without distraction.

See Example

The bookmarker

Don’t loose track of the articles you want to read, the images you want to share or the videos you want to watch. Instead save them for later with collections.

See Example

The planner

Whatever you might be planning private collections are the perfect tool for you to stay inspired and keep everything in one place.

See Example

The student

The perfect place to store your notes, quotes and resources. Your collections are accessible from anywhere, just login to your account on any device.

See Example

The enthusiast

Use your passions to feed collections and make it one of the best tools for people to discover and learn from. We’re better when we work together!

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The teacher

Curate online resources and share them with your students. A simple sollution to enhance learning and simplify research with collections.

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The App

We can’t wait to release the brand spanking new WhaleSlide app so that you can seemlessly collect, share and discover from anywhere.

Coming soon

The WebGiv App

Mobile is the future, but ‘user privacy’ and ‘mobile’ are not two words that go hand in hand. It’s for that reason that we’ve built some of the best layers of encryption and privacy into our very own WebGiv app.

Questions? We’re happy to help

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, issues, ideas, collaborations, events or anything else you can think of. We love hearing from our users so don’t be shy. Speak soon!